The egg in my head

Update 15 : Scanxiety

So the next scan comes in January. Again, with the help of the therapist I began to understand the “Scanxiety” this brings. It’s not that I’m massively worried, I’m pretty sure it won’t be a bad one this time. If we boil down all the scanning, the waiting and the chatting the result will either be “Progression” or “Stable”. It’s like getting down on the blocks and waiting for someone to fire the starting gun. The starting gun on the last bit of my life. Ready…. Set….

“Stable”. It’s a false start. Come back again in 6 months. Get down on the starting blocks. Wait… hold it there, hold… hold….

“Progression”. BANG. Let’s go. The countdown has begun. Now we know not just what the problem is but how bad and how long it might be. Read HERE to understand what this means in my head.

Will it be today? Probably not, but I have to have a few hours waiting around in the hospital to check. On your marks… Set… Ready….

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