The egg in my head

Brain update 4b – awaiting eggstraction

Just a quickie, I’m all checked in at my private suite (side room yay!) in Hotel de Walton. Had some slightly soggy fish and chips but wasn’t that hungry anyway. Dee, Ivy and Corinna have gone off to explore the airbnb flat down the road then they’ll be back for Ivy’s final feed before bed.

On the plus side, I’m just lounging around in my room doing very little. Something I haven’t done for this long since before Ivy was born.

I’m first on the list tomorrow morning which is good news, catching a human powered ride on the wheelie bed 8.30ish and I’ll be fast asleep about 9am. All being well, Dee or I will send an email sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening with a mini update.

Just discussed the surgery with the surgeon again. All ok though still some concern about the eyesight after which is a bit worrying, but just a bit of vision not the whole lot. Other than that all fine. Big blue arrow felt tipped on my neck just to make sure they cut the skull hole in the correct side.

Thanks for the kind and lovely words/things/conversations/thoughts etc. I’ve never felt quite so loved, it’s really nice. I’m pretty good at surgery though so not too stressed, it’s really all the crap afterwards (this bloody life expectancy business) that worries me most.

Lots of love
Amy xx

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