The egg in my head

Brain update 5 – scrambled egg

It’s out I’m out. Just a little update…

It was nasty and quite sore – violent bit of surgery cutting a hole in the skull, also I have lots of stab wounds where my head was pinned onto the operating table. And a rather sore jaw and a sore eye too, they cut through a chunk of face muscle during the process so that has to heal too. This has left me with a fantastic black eye on the right hand side.

After a typically disjointed departure process I was eventually discharged with a little stockpile of drugs to keep me going. I’m now holed up in a wonderful barn conversion half way home for a couple of days of gentle recovery with Dee, Ivy and Corinna. Chris, Harry and Max are arriving tomorrow too.
I’ll write again soon, but good news for now. I had a follow up Mri scan today – more whizz popp bangs from the pesky gnomes. Mr H seemed very pleased with himself and happy that he’s achieved his target 95% out with very little eye damage I think,  though I am seeing the world a little differently still, quite blurry and wobbly, hopefully it’ll clear soon.
Sleep is much needed but not smooth, the head wounds are sore so a bit disturbing.
I’ve proudly managed to feed Ivy throughout which means we’ve had some wonderful cuddles over the last few days. Dee and Corinna have done an amazing job looking after both of us.
The next big step is a return to the Walton Centre in a couple of weeks for pathology review with Mr H. That’ll be a big day as it  will inform the prognosis as well as the next steps and options. Lot to think and worry about!
Lots of love from us all

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