The egg in my head

Brain Update 3a – Eggy Head

Very quick update. I’d like to write more but haven’t found the time and I know lots of caring, lovely people are patiently waiting/worrying and keen to know how it went this week. I didn’t get an appointment at Stoke this week but did go to the Walton Centre in Liverpool. I much preferred it […]

Brain Update 2b

Not much new news yet.  I spoke with the specialist nurse yesterday who didn’t have much positive to say except that we can’t be sure exactly what’s going on until after the surgery and the biopsy results are back. The nurse said “it’s definitely diffuse” this means that the tumour doesn’t have a clear boundary […]

Brain update part 2a

Well I went to see the neurosurgeon in Stoke on Trent on Wednesday and to sum up it’s not particularly good news. He took one look at the scans and was quite clear he didn’t think it was a DNET. Now we can just look back with nostalgia at the good old days when I […]

Amy’s Brain Update 1 – Egg Shaped

I wanted to write to you all as I know different friends have had different bits and pieces of information about the goings on in my brain and I think if it was one of you guys going through all this I’d be wanting to know how you’re getting on. It would be nice to […]