The egg in my head

Author: Amy

Update 23: euch (Annus horribilis)

Gosh – I started writing this post in May 2020 but still haven’t finished it. I’ve started getting emails from total strangers asking for updates so I really must get on… Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve written. again. The WhatsApp group is working quite nicely for little intermittent updates and the odd friendly […]

Update 22: Fried Eggs at The Rutherford

So yet again I need to write and update, things have been going on really fast and I know there’s too many people out of the loop. So I’m committed to at least getting a bit of an update out so here goes… After that awful experience at the North Wales Cancer Centre, I and […]

Update 21

I’m feeling bad again, I’m now in the 8th week past surgery and you haven’t heard from me. I haven’t had the courage to write but I do know that you care. I’ve been struggling with feeling very sad, a bit too sad to write and sometimes too sad to do anything. I’m sorry too […]

Update 20: Here we go again…

I’m sorry, this update is late again, best crack on.. .  Dee and I headed up to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago for a scan. It was a long day, I found out something interesting about the music in the MRI scanner which was nice and we stayed in the most bizarre of hotels, […]

Update 19: Trouble on the horizon

An update, I don’t much feel like writing this one but I also know that there are lots of friends who care and I need to let you know what’s going on. I had my 6 monthly scan last week in Liverpool. As usual, my 6 monthly scan was over 7 months after the previous […]

Update 18: Another one? FFS

“Two-Cancer Amy” that’s what they’ll call me… A quick start with some good news on the Glioma/Astrocytoma (brain cancer).  Dee and I headed up the road to Liverpool in July for a scan. It’s no fun at all, I got the least nice MRI scanner again which is very small and miserable. I did take […]

Update 17: Craniversary 1

March 14th. I’m not going to forget this date. A year ago from right now, I was recovering from my cranitomy.* Urgh, that was a rough day. Not as rough as you might imagine but fairly rough nevertheless.     In the news today, we learned that Stephen Hawking has died. He and I vague […]

Update 16: Urm… sorry (& Eggcheck 2)

Hi! I’m so sorry I forgot to update you. In summary, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m full of health and beans and enthusiasm. I have to start with an apology. Firstly, maybe I should never really have written THIS. “So, How are you?” ask very few people since I publicly took the piss out of […]

Update 15 : Scanxiety

So the next scan comes in January. Again, with the help of the therapist I began to understand the “Scanxiety” this brings. It’s not that I’m massively worried, I’m pretty sure it won’t be a bad one this time. If we boil down all the scanning, the waiting and the chatting the result will either […]