The egg in my head

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Update 9: A new better brain

There are many positive things I can tell you about. But, before I get too happy- clappy, be in no doubt, I still have a miserable, deadly, shitty brain tumour. That said, on with some good news… Firstly, I appear to have come out of the surgery with a little bit more brain(iness) then before […]

Update 7 – Post Eggsit Brain

Hello! Sorry this is a bit late arriving. I know you know that the pathology meeting was last Thursday which is a full a week ago and I’m sorry if you’ve been worrying about me. We’ll get to “Amy’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board” some other time, if think you’re on it your probably are. […]

Brain update 6 – EggBlog

Hi! I wanted to write another update, it’s been a while! Two weeks ago I had the delightful “Eggstraction”. It wasn’t that awful but it is quite a violent bit of surgery. Of all the parts of the body where you’d want to be poked, I think the brain is probably up there on the […]

Brain update 5 – scrambled egg

It’s out I’m out. Just a little update… It was nasty and quite sore – violent bit of surgery cutting a hole in the skull, also I have lots of stab wounds where my head was pinned onto the operating table. And a rather sore jaw and a sore eye too, they cut through a […]

Brain update 4b – awaiting eggstraction

Just a quickie, I’m all checked in at my private suite (side room yay!) in Hotel de Walton. Had some slightly soggy fish and chips but wasn’t that hungry anyway. Dee, Ivy and Corinna have gone off to explore the airbnb flat down the road then they’ll be back for Ivy’s final feed before bed. […]

Brain Update 4a

There’s not much new information, though I seem to have found plenty to say. Do skip ahead if you’re finding it a bit dull, I won’t know and wouldn’t be offended even if I did. I was luckily enough to spend an hour being completely still in the big noisy MRI scanner at the Walton […]

Brain Update 3a – Eggy Head

Very quick update. I’d like to write more but haven’t found the time and I know lots of caring, lovely people are patiently waiting/worrying and keen to know how it went this week. I didn’t get an appointment at Stoke this week but did go to the Walton Centre in Liverpool. I much preferred it […]

Brain Update 2b

Not much new news yet.  I spoke with the specialist nurse yesterday who didn’t have much positive to say except that we can’t be sure exactly what’s going on until after the surgery and the biopsy results are back. The nurse said “it’s definitely diffuse” this means that the tumour doesn’t have a clear boundary […]